About NCST REOMatch - Making Property Acquisition Smarter and Faster
The National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST) is a non-profit organization dedicated to collaborating with local partners and national stakeholders to ensure communities have access to neighborhood-level solutions to return distressed properties to a productive re-use, ranging from rehabilitation for owners or renters to safe demolition and alternative use of vacant land, all to accelerate neighborhood revitalization. A growing divide permeates the U.S. housing recovery, especially in many communities where high rates of vacant, abandoned and distressed properties depress the value of nearby homes, create health and safety risks, lower local tax revenues and complicate challenging neighborhood stabilization efforts. There is much work ahead as our nation cannot ignore these left behind neighborhoods. Since 2009, NCST has helped find solutions for more than 19,000 distressed properties.
REOMatch is the property transaction mapping tool and online buyer portal for executing property transfers through NCST. In REOMatch, participating community buyers can see available properties within their exact neighborhood stabilization boundaries, allowing them to make streamlined purchasing decisions on the properties that will have the most impact on revitalizing distressed neighborhoods.
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